GORGEOUS red that is tdf!!!!

  1. Found this in the US magazine. Has anyone seen it? Such a beauty :love: . I believe this is the bag smoothproter mentioned earlier and there is a waitlist. Love to get it in caviar though. Enjoy!

  2. I love the chains! how gorgeous!
  3. That's the red lambskin from S/S2007. It's so beautiful.:love:
  4. I cannot wait for this bag to arrive! I'm so glad I waitlisted early. It is so gorgeous!
  5. anyone know if it comes in caviar??
  6. Very pretty! What a vibrant red!
  7. Does anyone know which stores ordered it in lambskin medium?? I know Saks BH has it coming in red caviar medium i think...but it seems like most people would prefer the caviar to the lambskin (from what ive been reading on the board)
  8. Very pretty! I put myself down on the waitlist for it in Black though. Retails $1950
  9. Wow!!! The chains are GORGEOUS :nuts: :drool:
  10. Yes, it's available in caviar. That is the waitlist that I'm on. I was told the caviar jumbo is $1850. Can anyone confirm the price?
  11. I am in love :heart:
  12. I would love that in caviar as well.
  13. I want one in caviar too! :love:
  14. I think the prices might go up? They are classics. That jumbo is TDF.
  15. NO WAYY! the price on these are just on-par with the original jumbo lambskin price?! A caviar jumbo now is $2195? Right? and a medium caviar flap is $1995, with the original leather wrapped chains. But the SS2007 lambskin flap is only $1950 in jumbo? PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.

    THE RED IS SO TDF! I love it. ANOTHER bag on the list again.