Gorgeous red patent pumps on Saks (pic)

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  1. Anyone a 10.5? :drool:

  2. I had these a while back when they were available for pre-order. Sadly they are probably mine. LOL They are very pretty, but I think the red of the patent rolandos is much more gorgeous, especially for the price.
  3. Too funny! I'll bet they're yours. :p Two weeks after I returned a pair of CLs they were back on their web site. They are gorgeous shoes ashakes. I would have thought they were the same shade as the rolandos.

  4. I saw that (don't know the size) at Saks in SF and thought they were a return.
  5. I returned mine a while back actually to the Chicago Saks, but it probably did take them time to send them to the NYC location. They are pretty, but for the price and style, I actually prefer the rolandos in that shade of red (and I'm a HUGE VP and NP fan). I almost rebought them today when I saw them pop back up, and slowly stepped away from the computer. lol
  6. I found the photos on my computer of the color. I guess they are very similar to the rolando red. These were taken with my *broken* camera at the time so sorry for the very poor picture quality. But, at least you know what the the red looks like. It's a deep red.
    CL nude decolletes and black suede decolletes 014.jpg CL nude decolletes and black suede decolletes 016.jpg
  7. No, they are still at the Chicago Saks! They are on display, in this size and on the sticker it says "LAST PAIR LEFT". I look at them every time I go in!! Too funny that they were yours!!
  8. ^lol! That is too funny. I always thought they returned them to the Saks warehouse after they were returned to the store (if it was a style they did not carry in store), but I guess not. Well, those are mine then. haha I returned them b/c I got the rolandos very shortly after receiving the red VPs and preferred the rolandos b/c they were a diff. style than anything I had at the time.

    It actually kinda stunk to return them b/c I was lucky to get them w/ a 10% off Saks online code at the time. Oh well.

    Oh, and I would stay away from that pair, b/c I was bothered from some bubbling of the patent. I think it was on the right shoe, but I can't remember for sure. Saks offered to send me another pair, but they weren't going to apply the 10% off discount code, which was crazy so I decided to just return them.
  9. I had a pair of the python activas shipped to me from NYC and returned them to the SF store and the SA doing the return for me asked another SA if he knew anybody who wanted them. I did not think they would sell it because it is python, but I guess they sell whatever makes it to the store.
  10. So pretty..I just love peep toe pumps.
  11. I had bubbling with my red patent Rolandos as well. I still have not returned them because of all the drama I have had with the liners. At this point I do not think I will have any luck finding them in my size.