gorgeous red flap on ebay...

  1. just ended today, were any of you guys the lucky winner? i looove it!
  2. I was the winner of this bag - just had to grab it at that "low" price (& it is red!!) since I pbserved almost every flap purse (new or used) on eBay have gone on a major price hike since chanel increased their prices this mth.

    I am actually hvg doubts after I paid for it as I am now not sure if I will like the actual color... I will post pics once I receive the bag next week! :biggrin:
  3. Lucky!!!
  4. I wish i did!
  5. I have received my red flap purse yesterday - I have mixed feeling abt this color as it is not a true red, I will deem it more like a burgundy red... It is nice but I feel it is a rather "old" color for me (no offence to anyone that like this color)... I do plan to take some pics & post them up to get some feedback. Will be back soon with photos! :biggrin:
  6. very pretty bags bbbochap! but i prefer the colour of your e/w flap over this one. gorgeous nonetheless!
  7. WOW....I love, love this red bag.
    Why don't I ever see these beauties on eBay. I always seem to miss out.
    Enjoy her...She is lovely.

    :party: :party:
  8. I love the red! You're right, it looks like a deep blood red, not a bright red. I think they're both gorgeous!

  9. The red one is beautiful, but I really love your other bag too, it's gorgeous!
  10. thanks guys for your replies. :biggrin:

    I am glad to find pple who appreciate this dark red 2.55 - I will try to adapt to this color too. :biggrin:

    Gd luck to all others looking for 2.55 in eBay - there are "bargains" every time, just make sure you check on new listings every day (FYI, the seller that I bought from - she still maintains "humble" prices for her current 2.55 bags)! :biggrin: