Gorgeous Red Chloe tote/shopper

  1. omg ladies -- last night I saw the most amazing chloe - it was a larger sized tote/shopper paddington in LIPSTICK RED...it was GORGEOUS! Unfortunately the SA had gone home for the evening who knew anything about the bags and it was minutes before closing so I didn't get the help I needed -

    does anyone have any info on this bag to save me a trip back down to town?? It didn't have a price or tag or any info on it, but I know it was a paddington style, but not a sachel - it had a shoulder strap

  2. Hi Mona,

    did it only have a shoulder strap?

    There's a paddington hobo that's out for fall and rouge is a color that they're having this year too.. and the lock is on the top.

    They also have a zippy hobo style w/ the padlock on the bottom.

    I think it's the hobo w/ the lock on top.


    If not, i'll keep searching!!
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