Gorgeous red bag !!!

  1. HI,JennNick I think this was from last year.I remember seeing it on the chanel web site.I have it in beige patent and it was about 1,900
  2. I just checked my bag and It is slightly different than the one you want in red.It might be less than 1,900.I don't know if it is still available.:flowers:
  3. I think this bag is evening bag size and it retails for around $1,300. I saw one in navy blue at Neiman Marcus.
  4. this bag is from 06 cruise line, cam out around last year christmas. probably sold out by now.
  5. I have this bag. It retailed for $1775.
  6. Ok thanks guys :yes: :flowers:
  7. That is a beautiful bag. I can't wait to see some of the Chanel IRL.
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