Gorgeous Purple Metallic Drill *pics*

  1. these two Fabulous Chanel Bags that just arrived

    1. Black Timeless Accordian Classic $2350.00 with glazed lambskin. This is a "Showstopper" Bag. There is detailing on the bottom too!! When we were taking pictures of it, everyone wanted to see it!!! (1990, 1992)

    2. Purple Metallic Drill Gorgeous Color!! $2575.00 (1999)

    Lisa's business cell is 248-635-8442



  2. this is from Lisa at NM Somerset, right? Very cute bags!
  3. i want that purple drill!!!!:smile:
  4. ooh, that purple metallic drill is stunning.... I wasn't loving the purple metallic reissue but somehow done with the perforations, makes the color just that much more stunning!!! that is a showstopper, heck traffic stopper bag!!! thanks for the pics!
  5. i really really love the drill collection, after seeing the pix i called my SA and told her to put me on the waitlist...i definitely wasn't feeling the reissue but this is gorgeous
  6. OMG I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the black! Thanks for sharing!
  7. that purple is gorgeous! i am w/l for it, but i don't know if i need another purple metallic...it is lovely though!
  8. very cute.

    Wonder who models for these bags?
  9. it's not Lisa!
  10. thanks for posting Savannah! the purple drill is YUMMY.
  11. They ARE gorgeous! Thanks, Savannah! You always post great pics and infos.:flowers:
  12. oooh nice!!! thanks for the pics
  13. Wow! I am absolutely in love with the Metallic Purple Drill! I think I need that!!!! What are the dimensions of this bag?
  14. they're gorgeous!
  15. Savannah, you are a veritable fountain of info,my dear. Is the first one....the Timeless Accordian Classic.....the one that also comes in pink. If so, I think I have to have it!!