Gorgeous Purple Bags?

  1. We've talked blue, green and yellow. Now, let's go for purple. I would love to have a gorgeous purple bag. Any suggestions? Let's see!
  2. Belen Echandia has a gorgeous purple bag called the Love Me...or the Mini-Love Me.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. MJ Parker Tote[​IMG]
  5. My 2 current favorites:

    [​IMG]The Kooba "Lola" in violet


    Marc Jacobs "Parker" in lilac

  6. My Jimmy Choo Mahala in Purple!! I would like to have a Belen Echandia Love Me in Purple!!
  7. My Ani Nadia cargo sac

  8. I say LM or LMM. My LMM in purple is simply amazing!!
  9. HH has an awesome amethyst color. Here is one bag but they have others.

  10. Balenciaga. I don't know the name (City, maybe?) but it's the one with the giant hardware. GORGE!
  11. I second the Balenciaga violet! Yummy!
  12. I believe Rebecca Minkoff's Violet color is also breathtaking. Gung posted a picture of her RM collection, and a purple beauty is screaming for attention, along with the rest!
  13. Longchamp Rodeo Luxe
    this is my new purple bag!!!