Gorgeous Pic I wanted to share

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  1. Don't know if it has been posted before - this is SUCH a cute pic - she looks SO chic and sophisticated, yet still like a Mummy!

  2. Thanks GF, lovely pic...she really was soooo chic...
  3. Oh what a beautiful picture GF:heart:

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for sharing. I love the picture too. Who's the toddler?
  5. Caroline.
  6. Your girls are so cute!!!:love:
  7. Aren't they, Kou? And I get to babysit in NYC in April!!!!!

    LOVE Grace Kelly, GF!!!!! Thanks for the lovely picture!!!!!
  8. AW!!! Such lovely picture! She looks amazing!:love: Thank you so much for posting!
  9. Definitely chic! Is that a 35cm Kelly?
  10. Stylish moms from the past! :greengrin:
  11. Thanks for the pic GF...love it!
  12. Love it! I'm carrying my black Kelly right now.
  13. ^ Me, too!
  14. Grace Kelly allways looked so elegant ...she really deserved to have the bag named after her!
  15. Great pic GF--thanks for posting it. It looks like a 35cm souple/retourne?