Gorgeous patent leather with silver corners!!!!what is the name

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  1. I just saw a handheld Gucci, Patent leather black purse with four silver corners, one says Gucci, and other silver hardware it is wonderful shiny black patent, it is rectangular in shape and is not small...........Name please, I want to order it!!!!!!!Thanks to the experts., Oh, by the way the handle is short, wide and made of patent also., TIA:heart:H Lady was wearing it and I was Droooooooooooooooooooling!!!!!!!!
  2. I think it's the romy and its on sale at the boutique. It's really cool in an 80's way. Look it up , it comes in many styles and the one I saw at the boutique was on sale.
  3. That's it!!!!!how cool is it!!!do you recall the sale price at the boutique!!!!!I love it!!!!!
  4. I dont know the price, hmm I thought Neimans had it on sale too. I like the bag too!!! If you find info let me know. Did you see the suede heels with the silver corners omg so sexy. they were like 850 marked down to 530 . I want them , they are so high and hot.
  5. Oh my God, they were awesome, will go back tomorrow to Saks and see if they have the bag!!!!I really, really, like it, no.....love it!!!!will let you know!
  6. i saw that bag on sale too...i recall it being around $1500 marked down from 2 thousand something.
  7. sounds super cute - I want to know what one it is?
  8. I tried to find pictures online but i couldn't. if someone that has the bag could put up some pictures of the romy (large one) i'd REALLY appreciate it.
  9. Hi, I bought the large romy in black patent, will try to post pics I loooooove it, but Gucci does have online pictures of it in silver python and in black patent......it is going to be on sale at Gucci., mine was 40% off at Saks., don't know if they can get you another one, if you are interested pm me and I will get you my Sa's phone number.
  10. oh gosh, i wish you included a photo! i want to see..it sounds really hot and retro at the same time.
  11. yea i saw the medium tote online but the one i saw at the boutique wasnt that one. It looked like the python one but bigger and with more hardware.
  12. in the future....please post these questions in the NAME THAT GUCCI thread....

    Thanks!!..and yes..its a cute bag!LOL!
Thread Status:
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