Gorgeous Olive Day from the sweetest PFer!

  1. Good luck with your auction Nanaz!
    I'm surprised you're letting your beloved baby go :crybaby: hope you've found something else to replace it :graucho:
  2. Oh no, what happened....I thought this bag sold yesterday???
  3. Slinkie Girl - You missed the whole show few days ago.:nuts: Yes i did find a new love (Cafe Day w/GH) to replace this baby. I am horrible, aren't i?:crybaby:
    Livethelake - It got sold to a lovely pfer but transaction was cancelled by paypal. :shrugs: We are both uspset and mad at paypal but we both agreed to re-list my bag again. I am hoping another pfer will get this beautiy again.:sad:
  4. Oh Nanaz, so sorry...this bag is so gorgeous...I'm sure it won't be around long.....:smile:
  5. Good God, where have I been??? well congrats on the new love, and good luck finding a new home for this one!
  6. I don't know Slinkie but i sure missed you:tender: and i hope you are feeling better. :heart:
  7. :blush: Good as new! hope the baggie is on its way to the new home soon :smile:
  8. Good luck!!!
  9. This is the most gorgeous color. Good luck . . . and good luck to the disappointed PFer who got, um, paypalled.
  10. What a beauty :nuts: !! This olive day looks so yummy :drool: - good luck Nanaz on your 2nd sale :flowers: !

    Thank you Donna for posting :love:
  11. Thanks Eileen.:tender:
    Ladies i have BO so don't be shy.;)
  12. ^^You might want to rephrase that.:rolleyes:
  13. Sorry, if i said some thing wrong. I meant to say it is listed with BO on eBay. oops.
  14. No, I was just kidding, Nanaz. I have a juvenile sense of humor because I have kids (and my husband is equally juvenile. In fact, he's the worst).