gorgeous olive box on ebay from an amazing PFer

  1. Oh Mimi this bag would look great in my small but meticulous collection... mmmmmmmm....ack!
    So gorgeous!!
  2. aww - winona it would look fabulous on you!!!! it really is SO gorgeous in person - the leather is AMAZING, yum. it'll be missed, but if it goes to a PF member ill be one happy camper! ;) hehe.
  3. Is the Box too small Mimi? Just curious. How does it compare to the First, i.e. size wise and proportion? TIA

    Gorgeous bag BTW!
  4. you know, before I saw the box in real life - I always thought it was small. But it's funny, it isn't AT ALL, it is just a tad smaller than the twiggy - and a good amount bigger than the first, it is in between the first/twiggy size. It fits the perfect amount of things (makeup case, cellphone, agenda, glasses, keys, cellphone, etc all very comfortably -- even a paperback book or soft sweater probably) - it is a GREAT everyday bag, and a perfect day to night transition bag :smile:
  5. Oh my, sounds perfect. ;) Thanks for your reply mimi!
  6. ^ my pleasure :love:
  7. Wow, great description, and I whole-heartedly agree. I love the Box! Sometimes I think pictures make it look a little dorky, all square and all, but on the arm it really does resemble a smaller version of the twiggy and drapes really well. Holds WAY more than the First, as you say. It is an under-appreciated style.
  8. Wow, this is a beauty. Oh, I wish she could be mine!:love:

    When I look at this leather, it totally looks like the leather on my Bordeaux Box, yummy and squishy! But my Bordeaux City, same vintage, has more of the current type of leather. Strange, huh?
  9. ^ yes, some bags in pre-fall '05 had the last of 'the old leather'. The leather probably differentiates depending on how early they were made ;)
  10. lovely bag!
    the box is one of my favorite styles of b-bags. i don't know why i haven't gotten one yet...
  11. WOW .... what a GORGEOUS and rare bag :yes: !! I never saw a box-style in real ... but I think it's just TDF ?!! Fantastic color too . . . ;) !! MiMi ... good luck for your sale :love: :heart: !
  12. mmm... i had an olive classique briefly, LOVED the color and leather. soo nice!

    its gonna make someone super-happy! :yes:
  13. Gorgeous bag Mimi!! Good luck with the sale, she will go to a loving home I am sure :yes: :heart:
  14. mims, good luck with your sale, dear! you always have amazing bags to sell!