gorgeous older white voyage on ebay

  1. I just bought my orange first from her!!! She's totally sweet and send me tracking this morning when I just purchased it late last night!
  2. oh my GOD, i want it
  3. :sigh:, if only a white voyage was practical......
  4. i saw that last night but did not know if that was something unique or not. is it a hard to find style? or is it the leather?
  5. No I don't think it is all that rare. It is from 2005, which is still easier to find (but not all colours like dolma green, magenta, caramel).
    Also, Balenciaga makes white every season.

    Personally, I love white & I loved the 2005 leather. I just don't think this is a practical colour for a weekender.

    Thanks :smile:
  6. But...it is PRISTINE condition for a white bag!
  7. Hmmmm ... unfortunately, I can't get into eBay from work ... does anyone know who is selling this bag? Before our marketplace went down, I sold my 2005 White Voyage/Weekender to a gal in Paris, France. I NEVER used the bag because I just knew that it would get dirty so fast ... and I'm hard on my travel bags.
  8. The seller is from the US and is a real sweetheart. She's a true lover of b bags :smile:
  9. Disregard -- already answered!
  10. wow, good luck to the winner ;)