Gorgeous NEW Lockheart Bags!

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  1. I received a "teaser" email from Lockheart about four of their new bags. I just loved one of them and emailed them about it and they said it would be available at Nordstrom in the next two weeks. Well, I looked and they had them today already!

    This is a different look but I love it! Love the zipper detail on it and Lockheart leather is always so incredibly soft as well!

    Here are some pics, courtesy of the Nordstrom website. This bag is called the "Zip It" Rose Detail Hobo. There are a few other new ones on Nordstrom's website and more to come from Lockheart! :yahoo:

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  2. Wow, those bags are absolutely beautiful! I love that green color....I might have to take a trip over to Nordies and see one in person. I still have a gift card left over from christmas that I need to use.
  3. Ooooooo that's the one I liked from the teaser! Must go investigate!
  4. wow!
  5. The Nordstrom website does not have the dimensions for the rose bag (someone screwed up and put clothing sizes there) but I did a live chat and they said they would get that fixed. Nor do they yet have a list of the stores that will have it in person.
  6. Yeah, I noticed that! We need clothing sizes for bags! ha ha

    I went to my Nordstrom but they don't have them in!
  7. thanks for posting these ... I love the new bags on Nordies site...
  8. Love these! Thanks for sharing!

  9. They didn't have them at my Nordies either, but they said they should be getting them in around the 20th of this month!!
  10. Really liking the Zip it Rose Detail Hobo. Fun, unique and refreshing! I think the black makes the zipper trim pop! Now all I need are the dimensions...someone post them please when you get them!

  11. Here's the dimensions for the Zip It rose satchel from Nordstrom:

    Dimensions: 14"W x 8 1/2"H x 5"D.
    Hand-held strap. Strap drop: 6".

    Phooey! A bit too small to be practical for me! I should have known by the price that it was the wrong size for me.
  12. I really like the black one. :smile:
  13. the different use of zippers is fun
  14. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO just searched LOCKHEART to see if anyone had pics of anything from the new collection and I AM TOTALLY LOVING THESE!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH I cant wait!! I was at Nordstrom last night and didnt see anything new - anyone know when the entire new collection is coming out!!!???!!! :nuts:
  15. I saw the Rose Zip it bag in Vegas last week at the Saks. I think a few of the other new ones were there as well. Haven't seen anything at Nordstrom yet.