gorgeous new charm bracelet........

  1. i was browsing the LV site and saw this bracelet and it was instant love :love:.........so it's a huge shame that with all the charms this thing would come to way more than $30,000 :cry: but a girl can dream.........i didn't love the look of their previous charm bracelet, but this new bracelet design is gorgeous, as are the individual charms......i'm totally loving the pouchette charm and the key charm ;):love:.........i think the bracelet would be gorgeous with just the charm bracelet and one charm dangling......although i can't justify the purchase to myself since i have this charm bracelet from tiffany's and i never wear it (i'm not really sure if i like it)


    (sorry for the blurry pictures of the LV bracelet....did my best :shame:smile:
    charm bracelet 1.jpg charm 1.jpg
  2. how adorable are those charms!?
    It's too themey for me, but so pretty!
  3. Oh, I realllly like the gold one in the middle, but 30,000?? That is crazy!!:blink:
  4. That LV charm bracelet is very nice. Lovely, just lovely...

    BTW, I like that other bracelet you posted - it's rather whimsical, and I especially like the little starfish.
  5. oh lol.....but when i bought it didn't come with a starfish...it has a little dove in place of it :shame:
  6. I hate coming here. It makes me want more and more LV pieces.
  7. I love your tiffany charm bracelet! I love the LV too...but I think that's waaay to much...gorgeous though!
  8. I :love: your tiffany bracelet...I like Elsa Perretti's designs.

    The LV charms bracelet is just soooo adorable, but I could not justify $30,000.00 for it.
  9. thanks for the compliments on my tiffany's bracelet.....it was my first luxury purchase (before i got into bags :shame:smile:.....i justified it to myself by saying if had lotsa daughters i would turn each charm into a necklace (although i don't plan on having many kids so that may not work out too well :P)

    i could never spend that amount on the LV bracelet tho.......well at least not until i'm filthy filthy rich :lol:
  10. it's gorgeous
  11. I didnt finish reading your entry and I just kept paying attention to the bracelet thinking "wait isn't that tiffanys and not LV?" and then I saw the attached images. :shame:

    Your charm bracelet is VERY cute and I like your justification for it ;)

    Oh and that pochette charm is the cutest!
  12. wow.. i like the tiffany's charm bracelet =) subdued, but very classic.