Gorgeous NAVY pebbled WTM midi w/ Photos!!

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  1. I was one of the fortunate ladies to get a bespoke bag made from the limited supply of navy pebbled leather. It is a beauty!! I did not specify the color hardware on my order, so when is showed up gold I was pleasantly surprised. I would have ordered silver, but I think Lovebags is right when she said she thinks her black pebbled bag with gold hardware looks more elegant! Navy with gold looks classic whereas the silver would look more modern.

    This is the same cervo luxe leather everyone raves about and now I know why. It is so soft and luscious. I hope Jackie can get more leathers like this.:smile:
    whispertome 017.jpg whispertome 019.jpg whispertome 020.jpg whispertome 022.jpg whispertome 024.jpg
  2. Here are just a few more photos...
    whispertome 026.jpg whispertome 027.jpg whispertome 039.jpg
  3. It's beautiful!! I love this leather and color in the WTM style and the gold hw really makes it classy and elegant!
  4. Wow! You just made a lot of ladies jealous with this one! The navy cervo is crazy stunning! Congrats!
  5. I am so jealous. This is utterly fantastic!! Congrats....but I'm still very jealous. ;)
  6. Oh my god!!! I'm in LOVE!!! The WTM looks so beautiful in this style. Very elegant. Thanks so much for posting pictures for me to drool over :smile:
  7. Thanks, ladies. I wish everyone could feel how soft the shoulder straps are!! Heavenly...and the navy has just the slightest sheen to it. Jackie said this gave the leather a more modern look, and as usual she was right!!:yes:
  8. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    Yaaay! HarryCarry is posting pics!

    I've been waiting to see this one too.(I was torn between this one and the choc. glossy tme) during bespoke bliss. It is gorgeous and I love the navy. Have you had a chance to use this one and are you finding the cervo luxe leather is divine?
    Glad to see things have calmed down enough for you to post pics....and hopefully all the kids are well.
    Now I have to go find some choc. sheen pics.:P
  9. Simply beautiful:girlsigh::tender:
  10. WOW!!! I would love to get my hands on a bag in that Navy cervo leather!! Too bad that I am a new BE fan and too late to the party.;) That is one gorgeous bag and the leather looks amazing. The navy and gold combo is perfect. I always prefer navy bags with gold hardware.
  11. I really like the gold hardware even though I usually order the silver. The bag turned out great!
  12. Whoa whoa whoa! This is some nice stuff! Beautiful bag!
  13. I am usually not a Navy fan but, I love yours. The bag looks classic yet edgy. I love the WTM I am just waiting to find it in another leather.

    Off to look at your chocolate sheen!!!!
  14. I've just posted about purse envy having seen your choc sheen WTM midi but this one has me speechless.
  15. Oh my........slapping myself for not jumping on this one. It's unbelievably sexy and stylish.