Gorgeous Metallic Ayse on Ebay!!!!

  1. Anyone looking for the metallic Ayse? There is an authentic one being sold on eBay right now! Go get it!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. I saw that, but thought Fall 07 python was purple and blue tones, like Robyn's,
    not greens and rusts.
    Did they make 2 python colors this season? :confused1:
    Anyone have the greens? Love it?
  3. The Ayse (pronounced Ay-Sha), came in two color choices. One was green and copper, the other blue and purple. The eBay bag is the same color as the one Robyn owns. It is spectacular IRL. I think that price is a bargain...go get her, girls!
  4. Looked on eBay and can't find it...:search:
  5. Is that the one Robyn just got from Saks?? I just returned mine to Saks in Beachwood Mall, OH today... Mine was about $1125+ tax when I got it (right after midnight), now around $1300...

    Hope someone gets it!
  6. I just sent one back to Saks last week it was $1125.00. Beautiful bag but not my stlye. And they are sold out I dont know what price it will be when mine goes back in inventory. I got mine at midnite on the Christmas sell.
  7. Robyn - why are you selling your gorgeous bag?
    its so nice, are you sure you want to sell it?