Gorgeous Mahala on ebay!!!!

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  1. *cries* It's GORGEOUS!!!!!! *is on shop lite as I prepare to travel*
  2. I can't believe it is still there. I would have snapped it up but I am on a self-imposed ... . ban .... until June. I have bought so many bags since Janaury that I haven't even carried half of them yet. So time to slow the spending.

    Yes people, hell has indeed frozen over.

    Gotta get out the ice skates.
  3. Lionlaw,
    I hate to break this to you but it is Spring except in Minn.:graucho:,
    And Ice won't last but more than say a DAY or TWO!:sweatdrop:
    So basicly give in, and just add it to your AWESOME collection!
    Remember that Resistance is Futile!:borg:
    You Must Obey your Obsessions and it is atleast 1/2 price!
    And no TAXs!:yahoo:
    And how could you look Shadow in the face and and say that you passed up a Jimmy CHoo for 1/2 price?:girlsigh:

    Not that I don't think that you don't have any will power to stay on this BAN but let's face it looking at past track records......:woohoo:

  4. Lionlaw,

    I agree with what Matt said :tup:
    I think you should grab a 1/2 price Choo at every opportunity:woohoo:and forget the bag ban:graucho:
  5. ^^^^
    :P:P Well someone else bought it and put me out of my misery. It has been a whole two days and I have not bought a bag yet! So I have beat the prior record.

    I just have so many new bags that I haven't even worn yet, that it is time to slow it down for a couple of months.
  6. me too!:angel:
  7. Yes,
    You're both doing so well on your BANS.
    Let see almost 3 weeks for JM:drool: and now close to 3 days for Lionlaw!:drool:
    Must feel like ages!

    But I got some GREAT NEWS for either of you!
    There another MIGHTY FINE looking Jimmy CHoo from the SAME seller that was just listed i believe yesterday!:graucho:


    And since I'm sure that this person may need a NEW SNOW BLOWER after tonight!

    Not that I would want either of you to have a hard time staying on your spending BAN'S.:P
    After all I would Never try to encourage you to buy this.:hrmm:
    Not little ole innocent me!:angel:

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    You kill me yyz :hugs:
  9. wow, I saw a wet blue Mahala go for $172 on fleabay. this one isn't even that nice looking...
  10. I've seen the fakes go for wayyyyy more than that...
  11. I saw that wet blue mahala too! It looked real to me, I've looked at quite a few of them and briefly owned one.
  12. There never has been an authentic "wet electric blue Mahala". It was never made in that color in patent. Everyone of them on ebay is fake.
  13. ITA:tup:

    They are all fakes:cursing:
  14. Thank you!! I thought this was the case, but wasn't sure so I didn't say anything.

    To trash a real bag in favor of a clueless fake is not cool in my book.