Gorgeous Magenta Work on Ebay

  1. I LOVE, really love this bag! it's leshent's #6892065309 :love:
  2. The winner of this will be SO LUCKY!!!!!!!
  3. I saw that one! Gorgeous:love: Too bad there's no BIN..
  4. There is a BIN now....
  5. yikes 1675 BIN :Push:
  6. Wow, she added one! I bet she's had some emails..How much does a work normally retail for anyway? If only I had $1700 to blow:hrmm:
  7. Already gone--don't know to whom (it's a private auction)
  8. in f/w 05, work bags costs $1275
  9. who won it? hope it's someone here!
  10. Oh this was very fast :amazed:!! Hope the winner it's a PF-member ?! ;)
  11. Y'know, I'm starting to believe the rumour about the 'connection' between Terry at BalNY and Leshent.
  12. :lol: isn't that awful?!!!! i wouldn't even be surprised! :roflmfao:
  13. Well, the only way she would have a brand new magenta work is from this past weeks bags that came in. Most of those went to PF'ers:graucho: She had to have found out about them by some means! What's the rumor by the way? I'm curious...
  14. I got it, I will be looking for a part time job to supplement my income
    now....:lol: The Magenta is just so beautiful! :P
  15. ^ ohhhh CONGRATS chloe231!!!!! :yahoo:
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