Gorgeous Magenta Purse form a sweet pfer

  1. I have this purse and I love it. Very pretty color in this style - great price!!! Someone go for it!
  2. Good luck with your auction, Oh Donna!
  3. 3rd times a charm maybe?
  4. i'm having trouble w/ my sale too, donna! why aren't our magentas getting picked up? well, good luck w/ your sale! your purse if simply gorgeous! :smile:
  5. just GOOOORGEOUS :nuts: :drool: OMG I'm so tempting :shame: !!! Good luck Donna :love:
  6. I know! When I bought it it was the only one, now theres loads. I just lowered the price again tonight. Taking a hit on this one thats for sure. I thought Magentas were a must have. Guess not!:crybaby:
  7. Noooooo Donna it's just a tough time right now - between the holidays and the ss07 excitement, I guess people are just cautious. Amazing older bags are going for less, or else not selling. Hang in there! if it doesn't sell right now, hold on to it for a bit - such a great color, it will find a buyer soon ;)
  8. PS - holy shiz! you're practically giving it away! :nuts:
  9. Donna, someone will get this and love it. The color, style and condition are soo great. Don't' worry - but it might be next year.
  10. Wow, Donna your bag is gorgeous!!! Good luck on your sale! Thanks Nanaz for posting!!
  11. Donna, I'm glad your bag sold to help with the other bags you have bought!!!:yahoo:
  12. Yay congrats! Meemie, are you the winner?
  13. What happened to this one... I thought it was sold!