Gorgeous Lace LV, Harper's Bazaar p.90

  1. at $1495 it is kind of cute, I would love to see this IRL.

    Anyone know when/where about this handbag?
  2. A Dentelle bag?

    Do you have any pics of the article?
  3. Pics would be great. Dentelle isn't do to be released until March and it may have already been pushed back.
  4. That's the Dentelle Batignolles Horizontal in silver lace (though most people here just say BH).

    The Lookbook pictures that someone posted says "show" pieces release Feb 15th, and "commercial" pieces release March 1st. The pieces marked "show" are the Pochette and Besace, and the "commercial" pieces are the BH, Speedy 30, and other accessories. These dates can get pushed back though; my SA told me Feb 20th for the Pochette.

    Here's a link to that thread:

  5. ^^^ i love the dune speedy in there!
  6. The Dentelle speedy has been pushed up to 2/20 as well (originally a 3/1 release date)
  7. Is this one? I copied it from another thread. Someone had post it from the Harpar's Bazaar Feb issue.
  8. That's seems to be silver BH Dentelle, right? I can't wait to see the Dentelles in real life. I personally think that the silver ones look way better than the gold ones but that's just my taste.
  9. here it is from page90 of HarpersBazaarFebruary issue:
  10. already patina....?

  11. Handles/trim are dark according to SA...:yes:
  12. Oh...like it!!

    Do you think it will be on eLux??
  13. cute..thanks for pic..
  14. love the dark patina!