Gorgeous Khaki First

  1. Mine too Ronda girl ;) I love Olive Green. It is one of a kind.:drool:
  2. Nanaz, this is the predecessor to OG - this color is from 04 ;) but they're both awesome!
  3. Thx for posting. I want a City or Day in khaki..wild about that color.
  4. OH, i see because the listing says Olive Green.:s
  5. I love that color, too.:love: I've been looking for a khaki first for few months now. But I don't like the condition of the handles here:push: They're darkended too much? :confused1:

    I don't like it that much, when I get such a used bag....it's a little bit urgsss :push: Sweaty, dirty handles....´What do you think about it?
  6. Sometimes the handles look darker in photos than in real life. I'd e-mail the seller for more information.
  7. I used to have a gorgeous, immaculate khaki first. Took me months to sell it, and I dropped my price nearly $500 less than I paid just to get rid of it. It was beautiful, but I outgrew the first size. I have never had such a hard time selling a bag.