Gorgeous Kerala ... you are so pretty!

  1. Honest to god - Diabro have the BEST shipping ... my order was processed on Fri and today (Monday) i have my sweet sweet patent Kerala shoulder bag with me! Its very cute but i was shocked at how heavy that brass clasp thingy is. And i'm scared i'll hurt the charms but i dont want to remove them cause they are so ... well ... charming ;)

    Anyways, i will take piccys tonight and post them for your drooling pleasure.

  2. so - i had to take the horsey off! It was just too much - too big and jangley and the leather tie that the charms are on dont sit right. Not the horse is at home (what do i do with him?!) and i just have the ball, horse shoe and the leather flap thing. Also, its a pain in the ass to get into because of the big lock thing BUT Its so damn gorgeous that i cant help but put up with these flaws.

  3. Alas in true Chloe style, I struggle with my Paddies's locks all the time. A real PITA if you KWIM. However I love, love, love my bags so I put up with her idiosyncrasies which are weight and the endless battle to open and close the purse.
  4. I can't wait to see the pictures and please include one with the horsie since I am not getting a visual of how it doesn't work! Why would they include it?
  5. congrats...dying to see pics....
  6. Looking forward to pics, I, too, am curious re: the horsie. Like susieserb mentioned, we just put up with those little 'charms/locks'. I've nearly taken out a car window with mine, but it stays on.
    Yesterday, DH and I were off to a gathering, I jumped in the car throwing my front pocket Paddy in first, and the lock was very obvious, guess DH had not really noticed the lock before, and he remarked "what the h--- is that", and I just said , Oh, it's part of the bag".
  7. it looks fabulous its just so long and big that it dangles around in mid air. I walked up to the PO today and i swear i almost hit someone with the horse shoe! It kept banging around my arm too!

    I'll take piccys tonight, promise:yes:
  8. Where are the pics!!!????!!??!?!?
  9. Pics!
  10. eeeek! work has been nuts lately so by the time i get home i just fall into bed. I will DEFINITELY take piccys this weekend and post on monday. I used this bag a lot this week - even though i normally just use big bags like my silverado or my Bal bags ... i managed to fit a lot in. The only thing is the damn lock - its hard if you are in a rush or anything like that - to open and shut it.
  11. Looking forward to piccies :smile:
  12. damn it! i forgot my camera - i am making a reminder in my phone to bring it tomorrow!