Gorgeous Jimmy Choo 50% off on NM

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  1. Really cute bag but a bit expensive for me.
  2. ^^^ Same here.
  3. Careful with this one. I ordered it sometime ago on sale and it was very used.Pen marks,dirt,tarnished grommets.I could no believe BG sent a bag to me in such poor condition.
  4. what a shame on BG! do you thnik they put your bag back for sale?
  5. I thought only NM did that kind on stuff !!!
  6. NM and BG are one and the same to me.Yes, I would not bu surprised if this is the same bag.That ross bag is a couple of seasons old. I don't know how there could have been another return on this. BTW, my sil had a roberto cavalli bag chain strap break in three places.She returned it and they put it right back on the site.
  7. ^^^OMG ! I've never really had too bad of an experience with BG. Once I received a Jimmy Choo that looked pretty used and they offered me a 30% discount on it or have it returned at their own cost. I returned it and within a week I got a $50 gift card to BG.
    NM on the other hand is totally different story. All they do is apologize and after over an hour of arguing with them that the bag is indeed used, the manager will maybe give you a 10% off. I've had some of worst customer service experiences at NM. They are really cheapskates in the truest sense of the word. Not very ethical !
  8. Jimmy Choo is one of the greats. But not that great.
  9. ^ lol... amen to that!!!
  10. A little pricey for me too! Thanks for posting.
  11. nice bag for summer
  12. yea cute but still not a great price at 50% off
  13. i agree! still expensive for that kind of bag:smile:
  14. Way to expensive for me but the white is perfect for summer.
    Hope someone get's it!