Gorgeous INK Work SB $499.99 but SMOKEY

I have the INk Work bag and I love it! I searched ALL over for it and found it at Barneys 2 months ago and PAID the full amount!

You'll love the bag.....and will get lots of compliments too!
Just in time for the holidays is right! DH and I have been travelling today by car for a 10 hr ride to MI from NY and I have been admiring the bag all day!! It has really come in handy. Thanks for all the nice compliments!
I BET THAT seller thought the unique smell of the B leather was a smokey smell!! When I first smelled it, I almost thought it smelled like smoke - you know that unique blend of 'paint' and leather - especially when all closed up. That seller obviously didn't know what they had being a u sold it type business. I bet they just smelled the strong leather smell - YOU LUCKY DOG you!! the leather looks gorgeous. Congrats