Gorgeous INK Work SB $499.99 but SMOKEY

Oh no! I've been wanting an ink work, but I CAN'T STAND SMOKE! :hysteric:

I have tried the LMB product Powderpuff mentioned on a pochette I bought from someone before that reaked of cigarette smoke... It did remove all the odor but the light colored lining was permanently darkened from the cigarettes and it didn't do anything to help that. I think it just masked the odor with a nice fragrance. I know the bbag lining is dark... but I think I would still be really bothered by it. This inks kinda too veiny and marbeley for my liking anyway. :hrmm: Good luck to anyone bidding on it!
I just noticed the seller is one of those isoldit places. They are THE worst! I tried to have the one by me sell my diamond Invicta watch (I couldnt do the pix justice) and I told them I wanted a reserve and I needed to see the auction before they listed. They listed it and did a BIN for $300! This was a $1500 watch! I drove over and was ready to strangle the owner. I did get my watch back AND I copied the pictures from the auction for my future use. They typically pack very poorly also.
ok do I really need this???? I so want a work bag and i really wanted that eggplant city but got outbid. I was thinking an Ink was the next best thing. I'm a little worried about the "smoke" issue and also how it is full of vains. BUt I would think with some rubbing and conditioner it would soften up some? Should I just wait for another eggplant to show up or bid on this and hope to get a good deal? I mean I know i'm going to buy a work at some point so I guess this one should be a good work.
^^ i say go for it and get an amazing deal on work.
the smell can be dealt with, i don't think it's a big deal really. As for the veins on the leather...some conditioner should work just fine.

goodluck if your bidding.
****** won.
I see she (he?) is in the forum right now. I can't remember are you a seller of Bbags on eBay?

------ forget it. I remember who ****** is now. ;)

Yes, that's me! This is for my own personal ever growing collection!! I used to have an ink First that I sold and ever since I let her go, I wanted another ink bag! I just hope the smoke smell isn't too bad.:confused1:
Congrats! The smoke really could be anything from faint to heinous, but at least there are ways to air it out. I love the work size the most and think you got a fab deal, even if you need to work at getting it perfect ;)