GORGEOUS Ink Purse on eBay from PFer!!

  1. :nuts: that is GORGEOUS leather!!!!! Good luck on your auction, fromparis!!:smile:
  2. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. OMG, that is gorgeous :drool:... I want... but I can't :sad:
  4. Oh, I so love this bag! It's so beautiful, and I love the Purse style! Good luck, fromparis! wish I wasn't on purse ban from hell. :sad:
  5. OMG .... what a beauty :drool: :nuts: !!! Good luck fromparis 'P' :heart: :love:
  6. Déco you are on a what ????:P

    Good luck fromparis. If I were the pursetype I would have bought it in a second!!!
  7. How come she mention that its a city? Its raelly nice, but I miss Oh Donna'a magenta purse...
  8. Lovely ink color! Too bad she doesn't ship to where i live...
  9. Thank you Ladies for all you nice words:love: .

    I'm sad to sell this baby, but I never used it...and really prefer my Ink Work...

    Stefe : I've made a mistake:shame: (I used the text from my previous auction which was a black city)
    I'm going to fix it:yes: !!!
  10. Oh it's gone! Congrats to the new owner of a gorgeours Ink Purse!!!:heart:
  11. It is raining ink lately and I love it! Congrats to the new owner. :love: