Gorgeous Ink City from Personal Shoppers!!

  1. love that ink color!
  2. I think there are still a few ink cities available through Neimans so I would first try that (no need to pay more than retail unless necessary). But this one is a beauty!
  3. I already have this bag, but her pics are so good that I want to buy this one, too!
  4. she's a doll of a seller too!
  5. True, but all the ones I've seen are sooooo veiny. This one looks so lush!

    And for us Canadians $1299 is a deal! They retail for $1595 here plus tax.

    I WANT THIS BAG SOOOOOO BAD!! I cant do it though! I have to pay for the balance of a sofa I bought, a chandelier, a coffe table and a TV console plus $1100 to pay the movers! Oh what bad timing for this bag to appear.:sad:
  6. Oh, that stinks! If you can do it, then I would buy it in an instant! I just hate paying over retail if I can. but completely understand why anyone would jump at this- it is a GORGEOUS bag!!!!
  7. She really is......definitely one of the best sellers I have ever dealt with. I'd buy from her anytime....its a pleasure to give her my business actually.
  8. geez, she's always got the best bags!!! i've emailed her a few times... back in the day when i was a b-bag virgin.... shes such a great eBayer!!!
  9. Totally agree. I bought my first (and only so far!) :amuse: b-bag from her. I only trust a few sellers since I simpy do not have the keen eye you gals have. I am constantly checking out what she's got for sale.
  10. :lol: I know! She takes really good pictures!
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