GORGEOUS Indigo City from PF'er

  1. ^ i wish i could afford that.. so yum!!!
  2. OMG :nuts: another beauty from Deana :drool: .... yummy Indigo and in perfect condition - - - hmmmmmmmm ladies - good luck everyone ;)

    Good luck on your sale Deana :tender:

    pooh_girl thank you for posting :flowers:
  3. OH-My-GOD my heart hurts it's so beautiful!!!!!
  4. that is yummy and I love the charms. Good luck.
  5. She's selling those bag charms too!! I love those! I sent her an e-mail inquiring about the price. My bbags need some of those charms. I was going to go buy a Coach charm today, but I'd rather have one of her beautiful charms!!!
  6. oh my goodness take my breath away!! Love the charms. Did anyone inquire on them? how much?
  7. Beautiful bag!!! I love her charms and braids as well. She is very talented!!
  8. just about the charms...i bought sime from her and they are gorgeous!!! i love them, and now i can't use a bbag without the charms..they just seem kinda plain.
    deana...hope you get that dream bag!!!
  9. Good luck deana with your auction!!
  10. :wtf: GORGEOUS, it looks brand new.
  11. lovely charms, and a lovely bag too!!
  12. the leather looks so smooshy!
  13. God it's aboslutely gorgeous- such a rich colour

    Good luck with the auction Deana!!
  14. I can't believe this beauty is still there. Good luck Deana!! It is a gorgeous bag.:love: