Gorgeous H Porcelin in Action (Pics)

  1. Photo Credit: ExpatLiving, June 2007 Issue, SG:tup:
    Hermes Tableware in Mag Jun07.jpg
  2. Lovely! You don't want to mar the scene by covering the porcelain with food.
  3. That is my problem HG when it comes to a nicely set table.
  4. Do what I do. Leave the fine table setting at the dinner table, whip out your paper plates and eat in front of the TV.:p
  5. Just a bit more about the owner...

    She is Nikki Hunt, a British lady; owner of an interior design firm "Design Intervention". Because foreigners are not allowed to buy an empty plot of land (not that there are any left in the good residential areas), she bought an old house, tore it down and spent 12 months re-building a brand new L shaped house.
  6. Ohh gorgeous! :tup:
  7. lol,.. I do the same thing. Set the table and eat out of plastic plates!
  8. Wow this is so pretty!!
  9. Beautiful pics! thanks
  10. Beautiful! I wouldn't want to mess it up, either. Besides, if you use paper plates there are no dishes to clean afterward :p
  11. Beautiful ~ thanks.
  12. Love it. I collect this pattern of H china as well, and I don't even cook... I just love china, especially H china. It's stunning.
  13. wow..thanks for sharing mrssparkles!!
  14. Such A Magnificent Picture!:love::love::love:
  15. oooh i love this pattern sooo much!!!