Gorgeous Gucci

  1. [​IMG]

    I saw this and had to share with other Gucci lovers...isnt this TDF???

    (pic from tfs)
  2. I saw it IRL yesterday along with even more new bags. Nice bag.
  3. love it!!! and the pic is cute too, those ladies are so excited
  4. What a great bag! I'd use it as an overnight bag.
  5. Perfect for a carry on...What a cute pic!! :yes:
  6. yeah, i've seen that photo before. it's gorgeous!
  7. shes so cute to have posed with them!
    i adore her.
  8. Love it! Perfect travel bag :smile:
  9. her Muse is TDF
  10. i really :heart: nicole richie, she's so adorable & i love her style!!!
  11. The bag is gorgeous! I adore Nicole she is so fierce and fun all wrapped up in that petite body. love it!! thanks for posting...:biggrin:
  12. love nicole and LOVE that bag.. what is it called?!?
  13. really nice bag.. thats so nice of her to let others be photographed with her..
  14. It's Beautiful! I Would Use It As OverNighter, As Well!