Gorgeous Gryson fall line!

  1. Hello ladies, I just discovered that the Gryson sitehttp://www.gryson.com/ now has their fall line displayed, including Gryson shoes!! There is a whole new group of bags (dressier, more feminine) they kind of reminds me of Chanel! The more familiar Grysons are there too in new colors and some in Nylon.

    I'll be interested to hear what everyone's favorites are. I like the Tutu and the woven Olivias. Have you seen the pics of Jessica Biel carrying a black woven Olivia? I love the look of this bag!!

    Do you think any of these new styles are going to achieve the popularity that the Skye did last fall?
  2. i would love to get my hands on any one of these:

    these are gorgeous! i have no idea where to find gryson in switzerland. is it available online?
  3. oh nice.
  4. Thanks for Posting that. I may have to cave in and get an Elissa this year. It's so small but would be perfect for going out with just the essentials. I even kinda like the Nylon one! Can't believe I am saying that. But I still think I would go for leather. I can't bring myself to pay almost 500 for nylon!
  5. I liked the Josey -- a hobo with two different straps. However, after my Zoe Hobo experience (see other thread) I would have to see it IRL before I make a purchase. I would also consider looking at the nylon Olivia. That could be cool! And much lighter too!
  6. Oh Laura! What a beauty...:drool:
  7. Love that Laura.
  8. i love the tutu in red...great collection!
  9. Agree that the Josey is really nice!
  10. looks good- better than most of the other stuff ive seen lately!
  11. Very nice! Beautiful styles, leathers, and colors. I am definitely thinking of treating myself to one this fall.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up on the site update. However, I just received my Blue Jean woven Skye yesterday, so I'll be loving that for a while before considering another bag.

    (The new woven Skye in Cerise looks awesome, but the other fall colour swatches are quite likeable, too)

    That said, I can't believe how well-made my new bag is, and all the features and doodads the bag has appeals to my geeky ways. :yahoo:
  13. The Laura bag looks really cool!