Gorgeous Grenat Day/hobo!! (pix)

  1. I just recieved this previously loved Grenat day/hobo!! The color is soooooo stunning. I love it! This is going to be my new everyday bag!!:yahoo:
    grenat 001.jpg grenat 002.jpg
  2. WOW moe .... what a beauty :nuts: :yes: !! GOOOOORGEOUS . . . congrats and .... enjoy it :yahoo: :love:
  3. congrats! lovely bag
  4. me likey!!
  5. That's a beauty! Great looking color and leather. The Day is a great looking style for that color. Congratulations!
  6. Great color, great size and great leather:nuts: !!!
    Perfect Bag:yahoo: !!!
  7. Moe---it's gorgeous!!!! :love: The leather is TDF! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous bag! Congratualtions:yahoo:

  9. congrats!!! shes a beauty!!!
  10. what a beautiful grenat day bag, moe! a big congrats!!!!
  11. Wow, that is fantastic and the leather is delish!
  12. Fantastic leather!
  13. Just stunning, what a gorgeous colour that looks like it will complement everything!!

    I wish you well,

  14. ohhhh the leather looks amazing!!!! Congrats, moe! She's a keeper! :heart:
  15. Congrats, I love that bag! That color is beautiful ... perfect for Fall!
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