gorgeous GRENAT city BIN $1250

  1. I think ocgirl was looking for a city grenat
    It's beautiful!!
  2. The leather on that looks amazing!
  3. i saw that! great deal. it'll go pretty quick. leather looks smooth too.
  4. Thanks Myriamrees for thinking of me. Does this auction look good to you guys? I'm not sure why it's in German instead of English. Isn't that weird?
  5. yay ocgirl! congrats- beautiful and a good deal for a current season bag! woohoo!
  6. ocgirl You did it!! :yahoo: :heart: :P
    Congrats!! :drinkup: :party: Wonderful bag !
  7. Thanks girls! I'm soooo excited! Can't wait to get the bag next week. I'll be sure to post some pics.