Gorgeous greige shopper BIN 850. from a PF'er

  1. Great price. And that leather looks gorgeous! I've never tried the shopper, are there any fans here?
  2. ^^^City~ I tried to find the shopping at Barney's but they don't have it!!!:crybaby: I really want see how it looks on me IRL before I buy! I am a fan of the style.
  3. since i'm hundreds of miles from the nearest store carrying bbags, i'm spacially creating these bags in the air using the dimensions...and the size of the shopper seems like a wonderful everyday work bag. a very stylish work bag - not too big, wide enough to carry everything needed, and of course, it's balenciaga!

    i think i'd consider myself a fan :yes:
  4. Zac and bella, give me a couple of hours. I will take some pics wearing it so you can judge the size and how it fits on the shoulder, hand, arm etc.
  5. Thanks Powder!!!!!!!
  6. Powderpuff, I see you're in South Florida. Do they sell B bags in any of the stores down there? I'm on the central coast and there's nothing around here. That's why I was SHOCKED when my Courier bag arrived and it nearly swallowed me whole.

    I wish there was a place I could try before I buy...:sad:
  7. I love this bag!! I'm am sooo tempted... been looking for griege at a good price!
  8. I haven't seen any shoppers at Barneys in recent memory, although I believe I've seen them there in the past. It does seem like a great style for an everyday practical bag (maybe an alternative for those who aren't fans of the day bag).
  9. I really like it!!