gorgeous greige balenciaga work $1325 BIN

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  1. beautiful ..... :heart: :heart: :love:
  2. This is very pretty !
  3. I saw a gorgeous, thick, smooshy, soft greige work at Barney's NYC on display today. I was so tempted to buy it just because the leather and color was so nice but the work style isn't for me.
  4. I offered $1,000 and she countered with $1,195. What do you guys think? I just got both of my other bbags, but I prefer a bigger bag.

  5. wow, that's a great price for a BNWT work, i'd go for it girl!!! :wlae:
  6. Personally I would wait LMC, at least a few days. New colors are coming out anytime now. At least wait till you see these first. That griege work is not much lower than retail and it's not going anywhere IMO. I'd wait a couple days to think it'd over.
  7. dO it Luvmychanel...!!

    LOVE greige!
  8. actually, Pewter-girl, $1195 is alot lower than retail (?) :shrugs:...i paid over $1500 for my work bags @ the b-bag store :Push:
  9. ^Ohh. I thought that was like $200 below retail. But I guess with tax and/or shipping, yeah you're right that's quite a bit less.
  10. yeppers, it's the tax that really got me, i think i paid around $1550 :smash:
  11. Yowza, Aaalabama! I've never bought a big bag, it seems so expensive! I'm used to the retail on a Bbag being no more than $1195.
    LMC - in this case, it's a great deal, and if you want Greige I say go for it.
  12. ^^ lol, it IS so expensive :s :Push: :sweatdrop:
  13. The auction ended. I wonder why no one got this. I thought it would be a very popular bag. Any ideas on why no one would make an offer or BIN?

  14. A lot of people have issues with this seller, I'm sure that's why.