Gorgeous GREEN Spy on ebay

  1. Gosh, that is an absolutely gorgeous bag.

    Good luck fellow TPFer, its lovely :smile:
  2. that bag is gorgeous! perfect color. wish it was a baby spy. thanks!
  3. Janice, I think there was a baby spy for sale in the market plaza section :smile:. I think it was in Petrol, and was absolutely gorge :smile:
  4. nice! blue and green are definitely hot colors for a spy.
  5. Sob sob - I want to get in the marketplace but I have applied twice now and never heard anything back!! I'm gutted as I really want to get in there!!!!!:crybaby:
  6. gosh Secret_shopaholic. You have been so helpful to so many people I am sure it is just a matter of time! :smile:
  7. I have this bag under close watch...
  8. Oh gosh someone has to get this and be my bag twin lol! This bag is TDF truly. I haven't changed bags since I got my green spy. I love it sooo much. My FAVORITE bag.
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