Gorgeous Erotokritos Basquet $178.20 After Discount @ Goldyn

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  1. a side view....


    I held this bag in my cart forever debating on whether or not to buy it. It's so cute.... I bought a pursket for it which fits perfectly!!
  2. Gone.....

    What a beautiful bag!!!!
  3. ^^Whew! That was close! HEHE! I was seriously going to buy this bag because I know firsthand just how adorable it is. Congrats to the lucky buyer....I paid a LOT more for mine!!
  4. LOL! I have the larger one in taupe, and I love it too.....

  5. I had the large patent black one, but I sold it on Ebay because it was much too big for me. This is just the neatest bag style IMO! I'd love to know who bought this little beauty!
  6. Both colors are gone.. All the cute bags were gone very fast!