Gorgeous Coach Signature Soho on ebay from a PFer!

  1. It is a really beautiful bag!
  2. OMG that is such a gorgeous bag and what a great price.:drool:
  3. that is for sure authentic???
    sorry i'm always scared to buy a fake :sad:
  4. Definitely it is authetic. :yes: She has great feedback.:heart:
  5. hmm...it's still got quite a bit of time left...i'll bid when there's about 5 minutes left.
  6. I have purchased from this seller before and she is 1000% authentic. I have sold bags where I lost money on them. Thats what I get for my impulse buys!...I dont carry Coach much anymore or I would BIN. Not to mention the fact that I'm on a self inflicted purse ban for a while, arent we nanaz?
  7. i think my ban is about to end....
  8. ok, now i have to start a new ban....i did the BIN....i can't ever stop myself!
  9. i hate you.
  10. That is such a pretty bag, I love the leather on it.
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