Gorgeous chloe keychain

  1. I saw a gorgeous keychain in selfridges yesterday, i can't find a ppic on the internet but it had a miniture paddy key, a betty zip, a elvire stud and a few other things, basically i fell in love. My question is is it nuts to spend £144 on a keyring! i know it is but i love it! arghh... i can't stop thinking about it!
  2. I recently pre-ordered a keychain for about that amount, so I can't say anything :p
  3. how will u use it sweetie.. it sounds cute :biggrin:
    i say go for it if you find a great use for it.. like on ur bag as a charm? or ur fav. key chain!
    i know how u feel.. cause when i see something i really really like and think is unique.. i beet myself after words for not getting it. so i might as well get it before its gone! >> i am not helping am i? loool
  4. lol, i was going to use it as a charm as the it is a mixture of gold and silver charms so i could use it on my paddys with gold hardware and the ones with silver, i'm slowly talking myself into it!
  5. This is not the place to come if you want talking out of something ;)
  6. ^True^
  7. ^^ hehehe i second that!
  8. I'm just finishing work and selfridges is calling me.......... its a sign, honest
  9. OMG best of luck dear!! u got us excited too!! :heart:
  10. Post pics when you get it. Been thinking about charms for my Chloe bags too:tup:
  11. I bought it! i'll post pics after my dinner
  12. I should confess that i also bought 2 alexander mcqueen scarfs too, i really need help! lol
  13. Yes you do - NOT! - LOL! Enjoy the keychain. I want a mini Paddy one too.
  14. Here it is, tah dah.....
    DSC00328.JPG DSC00329.JPG DSC00331.JPG
  15. Oh, you guys make me crazier than I already am! :nuts: I just called Selfridges and ordered one of these. I spoke to SA, "Kim" (a guy). He was delightful and said it should go out on Monday...he'll call with the price for shipping, but it shouldn't be too bad, since it's such a small item. I love it...an adorable Chloe charm. Thank you for the "heads up.":tup: