Gorgeous Chloe for a steal

  1. I was at my Nordstrom Rack and saw what I believe is the python??? not sure, but it is grey with silver snakeskin and was $600 I believe. It was the Broomfield, CO Rack if anyone is interested. I know they shipped to another tpf member before and I bought my paddington there and it is gorgeous.
  2. its been sold!
  3. It was actually $499. My sister in Denver nabbed it this morning. She said it was gorge! Thanks for the tip :smile:
  4. My NR never has chloe:crybaby:
  5. thanks so much for posting claudias and congrats to your sister green eggs!
  6. WOW, that was a steal!
    green_eggs congrats to your sis -- have her or you post pics!
  7. We are meeting up in NY next week--I will bring my camera :yahoo: