Gorgeous Chloe coat on eBay

  1. Wah!! OMG!!! That coat is SO beautiful!! But I think it's too big for me... :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Me too!! I need a 2 or a 4 depending on designer. WAH!
  3. Ooooooh gorgeous!!!:love:
    If Chloe clothes run on the small side then it should be ok for me...:graucho:
  4. omg it's gorgeous..!! I'm loving it! :love:

    I've been lately looking for a cream coloured woolen coat but there's only black ones in stores here:angel: And the size might be ok for me as I wear french 38 or 36 but I have a good taylor if it would be too big. Chicky are you planning to go for..? As you saw it first I'm not gonna compete if you want it :rolleyes:
  5. I love it, but is sure does not look authentic. Anybody else think that tag and chloe label are waaaay off ?? I am 100% sure its a fake :sad:
  6. Chloe-babe omg you're right, the tag looks weird..!! :wtf:
  7. Chloe in French 40 is no way American 6, It's just this coat with 16" shoulders...I'm not sure it's real thing ...but looks good indeed.
  8. Omg you're right!! What a shame, so many fake things on eBay! :yucky:
  9. A fake?!?! No way!! I have no Chloe clothing to judge by - I am sorry I even posted it :sad: But it was soooo pretty!!

    Will theses thieves stop at nothing!?!? Faking a coat is just unbelievable
  10. Yea I didn't realize it either until chloe-babe pointed it out :shrugs:

    What a shame, but I'm glad we now know to stay out of it ;)
  11. i agree chloe-babe, the first thing i thought when i saw that was "fake"
  12. The tag definitely looks off! It's so pretty though...

  13. I would have, lol - but if it's fake, then no way!:crybaby:
    Just like many of you ladies above, i (SADLY) don't own any Chloe clothing to compare to.:s
  14. Yea i agree w/ Chloe - babe... i saw it and it the jacket itself was off.. Chloe has these subtle details that make you go :nuts: and have your wallet go :sweatdrop:
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