Gorgeous Chanel...not sure which one

  1. I was walkin' to my car this afternoon and one of my fellow coworkers had the most beautiful Chanel! It was sort of like a patchwork pattern with different fabrics/textures and the 'C's real light in the background. It was so lovely I couldn't stop staring. LOL Any idea which one it was???
  2. What were the primary colors of it?

    Any of these:
  3. Hey you! No...it was more a black base with gold buckles and stuff. And then the prints were all different...I remember an animal print, a really soft suede like material, a purple fury kind of material...seriously patchwork kind of look. It was so different and pretty. :smile:
  4. I know what you are talking about...it's sooo cute! i think hilary duff was seen wearing it? :yes:

    EDIT: i RE-read your desc.and i don't think i got the right one. but here's a patchwork?

  5. Was it this one, Casto?

  6. I think I know which bag you are talking about. I saw it in a Neiman Marcus catalog I received the other day. I'm pretty sure I tossed the catalog though.:shame:
  7. Was it this?
  8. Nope...that's not it either. Shoot. I looked up Nieman Marcus and they say they don't even have Chanel bags yet. So I can't look it up that way. Hmmm...must search more. :smile: This is going to drive me nutty!
  9. I LOVE that bag = what is it?!?!?!
  10. Boho looking, I love it!
  11. Its a classic pathwork bag. I considered it but I was afraid it would get dirty easily. Its all cloth.
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