Gorgeous, but heavy bags!

  1. Okay, my fellow purse lovers...I don't get out shopping much:rant: and all my shopping is online. It is hard to tell the weight of bags and how they feel this way. I live through you all and soak up all the info. that I can.

    Please tell me some gorgeous bags you love, but tell me the heavy ones. I am looking now to buy a bag and want to hear what is REALLY HEAVY!
  2. omg I will totally tell you my experiences:

    luella stevie all leather - SO heavy it gave me bruises on my inner wrist area after a day of shopping.

    chloe paddington - heavy and the lock actually chipped one of my nails when I was out at a restaurant and trying to get my cell phone before I missed the call

    YSL Muse bugatti - hurts my back if I put too much stuff in it. it's not that the bag is heavy like the previous two I mentioned, but it's so roomy that I have a tendancy to overstuff it.
  3. Marc Jacobs
  4. Koobas. I love 'em, but they can be heavy.
  5. Monablu...OMG had a Luella Stevie Tote and had to return...DAMN HEAVY! Second that! That is one reason I started this thread.

    Layla...Marc Jacobs...love some of those bags...how heavy is heavy? (Dumb question right?) Makes me think twice.
  6. yeah, most MJ is heavy, though i still luv 'em.
  7. Oh, it's pretty heavy in that I don't put all of my usual stuff in the bag - I pack light. :amuse: If I did, my shoulder would be uncomfortable after awhile and around my neck too. This is the Sophia bag. I'm using it now as it's white, however it's a heavy bag with all of the hardware and leather I suppose. HTH
  8. My Chloe Kerla allmost makes my back ache when I take it shopping. Some times the brass smakes innocent bystanders too... oops , I guess people should give me personal space!:idea:
  9. My Marc Jacobs bags are the heaviest.
  10. Mulberry.. the quality of leather is impeccible, but it's quite hefty !
  11. I second the Mulberry and add a togo Hermes.
  12. Kellybag, I have two Blakes. I LOVE the Blake. However, if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of walking I will take a different bag. It's pretty heavy. The thing is it is not too heavy when you first start carrying it, but after awhile it starts to wear you down. THe only time I really think twice about taking one of my Blakes is when I go power shopping.:P
  13. You are right, Ayla. I have a Phoebe and it's quite heavy. The only exception I have found in the Mulberry line is the Rosemary. I have one and can tell you it is not heavy at all. It is nothing like the Roxanne or Phoebe. I carry it everywhere. :P
  14. Oh My, My Medium Botkier Trigger was a LOAD! And that was when it was empty.
    And My Isabella Fiore Studded leather tote cut into my shoulder something feirce.
  15. Echoing some of the other PFers - definitely Marc Jacobs. I think they are the heaviest bags that I own. Great arm workout though ;) .