GORGEOUS brown weekender - BIN $999

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  1. 04-Marron!!! The handles look dark, but it looks like a lovely bag. :yes:
  2. Handles are just way too dark for me....
  3. it's beautiful, but... ya the handle sorta scared me off!
  4. For Marron 2004 leather, I wonder if LovinMyBags can do anything for the handles...
  5. ^le junkie, I was wondering the same thing! Good luck to all who bids on it! :flowers:
    Thanks for posting, first! :smile:
  6. I don't think it's the Marron 04 bag, it looks really different from the Marron 04 Weekender I just got.
  7. Hi! I know there's probably a thread about how to use this products and what it can do...would you happen to know where to look? If it's possible, please post a link!

  8. I've personally never tried their bag treatments (conditioners, water-repellants, etc.). I figured the bag needs to be actually sent to LovinMyBags for restoration services.