Gorgeous brand new Lucchese Classics for $100!

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  1. I just snagged these and they are simply gorgeous. I am a Texan and nothing beats a pair of Lucchese boots. They retail for over $700.00. They should be here tomorrow!

  2. What a deal!
  3. I received them and they are just fabulous. They fit perfectly too. I usually wear an 8.5N in regular shoes, but I bought a 7.5B and they are just ideal.

    Thanks for letting me rejoice! :biggrin:
  4. How Gorgeous! I LOVE those!
    You must be over the moon! :tup: :tup: :tup:

    Lucky you!
  5. I love your Lucchese, I have 5 pairs myself:tup:...these are my favourite!:heart:
  6. Gorgeous with your bag!! WOW! Love that color. Thanks for sharing!
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    OMG! Those are gorgeous. I have a few pairs of cowboy boots (being in Texas as well) and I really love them.

    Nataliam: that combo is TDF!

    One day these will be mine. I love this old Sailor Jerry traditional tattoo art and the boots are pretty awesome:

  8. Those are awesome, KK!!
  9. wow, those are pretty. i didn't realize how much cowboy boots cost!
  10. Those are SO COOL!