Gorgeous Blu Roi Purse From Reliable Seller in the UK!

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  1. yums!!! I'm seriously considering this, altho my first choice would be rouge vif.... oh, where are you???
  2. Yep, great seller. I have this exact bag and I agree that this Blueberry really does justice to the new leather!
  3. I love this bag. It kills me. I've no cash-money left, otherwise I'd be all over this. :crybaby:
  4. Does anyone know the retail on this?

    Glimmer....what style do you have in this color? Is it very veiny? This one doesn't look like it is. The leather seems similar to the Rouge vif, which is not veiny at all for an 06. I think I would love this color in a Box or City. Does the hue change alot in different light? I would love to see how it looks in direct sunlight! It really is a fanastic color!
  5. Purse is $1025. Deana, I have that exact bag, Purse in Blueberry. Mine looks a lot like hers... it's veiny but in a very appealing way. And shiny too. This is really the only bag that I prefer this way. Yeah, my Rouge Vif is not veiny or shiny at all, completely different from this bag. In my case, the two are complete opposites. :smile:
  6. ohhh....nice. I just got the blueberry box, so now i want the pumkin first. so yummy! just emailed it to my dh, he will probably just roll his eyes. why do i have to be so poor?
  7. :drool:
    Oooh, do you have pictures of your Box here on the pf? I would love to see it!
    Thanks for the info Glimmer!
  8. ^^PBI... she posted her pics recently. That bag is TDF!!!!
  9. I don't see too many Blue Roi, but I really thought the color would be a little darker. Beautiful bag, nonetheless!
  10. Is blue roi the same color as blueberry? I love this color.
  11. Tura, yep. :smile:
  12. Beautiful! I'm almost tempted. :sweatdrop:
  13. This bag is so pretty! Blueberry is really nice in the purse style. Someone should get this!

  14. Okay, I was away for 4 days and I come back and a zillion people sent me this auction! Thinking about it...thinking...thinking....