Gorgeous black purse for $900 BIN from our very own...

  1. ohmygod. I really want this!
  2. i'd BIN it NOW if you are seriously interested in this bag!

    good luck!
  3. its a great deal right? ohwow. i'm all nervous-
  4. That was quick!
  5. Ashley--Was that you?
  6. Congrats, ashley brook and susan-eric!!!
  7. guilty.

    Wow. I am outta control! I am officially addicted. I bought my first bbag last week......and now......bag number 2!

    I am soooo cut off.
  8. hee hee...congratulations ashley!!!
  9. LOL the b-bag bug bites again! Congrats ashley_brook & susan-eric!
  10. Congrats on your new bag ashley_brook!
  11. that's a beautiful bag. congrats to both!
  12. congrats ashley_brook, it's gorgeous & you got it for an amazing price :tender:
  13. Great price! Congrats Ashley!!!