Gorgeous black patent medium paddie at Neimans

  1. I saw my first Chloe black patent leather medium paddie at Neiman's San Francisco today. It was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not normally into patent but this one swayed me.
  2. Do you have pics??
  3. Sorry - I didn't get any pics. I'll be going back there this week so I'll try to take one.
  4. It sounds absolutely ravishing. Can't wait to see the pics!
  5. Yes, I saw one too, at Northbrook Court (suburban Chicago) and bought it immediately....along with the medium paddy in "oro" which has a patterned leather like a snakeskin...plus..just ordered the medium paddy "argent" from Nordstrom in the patterned leather as well. The "oro" is in the brownish tones and the "argent" is in the silvery, grayish blue tones...I am now broke, but ecstatic! The patent leather paddy is absolutely stunning. I needed to breathe into a paper bag when I saw it! LOL:yahoo:
  6. Wow! Please post pics. Congrats on some great purchases!
  7. Congrats on your patent paddie - it was absolutely stunning.
  8. pics please???:drool:
  9. Please don't tease us! We'd love to see pics! :heart::yes:
  10. Patent paddy? Wouldn't that be very stiff?
  11. Believe it or not it had the paddie smoosh to it. It was just gorgeous.
  12. THat's what I thought too. But, irl, it is really soft, you will be surprised!
  13. Okay - how on earth am I gonna get the moolah? This patent Paddy description is more than I can handle and I haven't even seen it IRL!!!
  14. This thread is useless without pics!!
  15. Yep yep, I want to see how it smooshes and is patent at the same time. It's driving me insane! You're a master of suspense!