Gorgeous Belen Echandia Aqua Stroke Me Has Arrived!

  1. I just got my gorgeous BE large aqua Stroke Me. Its totally gorgeous. The leather is luscious... and supple... and my favorite part, this bag is sooo sooo light! Its not what I expected. For a bag being this light, its got great leather! :smile: Here are some quick pics I took!
    *keep in mind this bag is super slouchy, so I had to fill it up with a bunch of my daughter's clothes... so you could all see the shape*

    Sitting on the dustbag
    Base of the bag (a rounded pyramid type shape)


    Hardware, Lining and Leather Comparison
  2. Oh my goodness!!!! That bag is absolutely amazing. I love it!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting pics because I bought a BE aqua handbag and two Stroke Me's (petrol and wine). Now, after seeing your pics, I really can't wait.....

    Let us know more what you think of your SM after you wear it for a couple days.

  3. I am tempted to get a wine or petrol too now. haha. I wonder if Jackie would make one in that gorgeous Mottled Gold? :smile: haha. That would be sooo cute! :smile:
  4. That bag is so beautiful!!! I don't like the way aqua looks on me with my coloring or I would have grabbed that bag myself. The SM is really a great style that you can't appreciate until you see it in person and carry it.
  5. Very, very pretty! I love the shape on the bottom - so cool! Pretty amazing construction, especially at the sale price!
  6. I agree with Chris that you can't appreciate the SM until you carry it. It is really elegant. Looking at your beautiful new aqua makes me sigh for my choco SM that I'm putting in the mail back to Italy for repair. (The lining was fraying.) ENJOY THIS GORGEOUS BAG!!! Thanks for the GREAT pix!!!
  7. It's stunning :nuts:, perhaps she might be able to make it in mottled gold lol... i can tell that you are becoming a big fan of the gold, as well as everyone else. :p Congradulations on your beautiful handbag! I am now looking at the aqua and thinking of getting that color for my next purchase for Jan. sale~ I hope that she'll have that color available :smile:
  8. I feel for you Tropical Gal, I know you'll miss your Stroke Me and will have to make due with other bags to stroke for awhile.
  9. Don't forget to post your pictures ALSO in the thread: Belen Echandia: Post your pics. Look for it! That way we'll have them all in one place for reference.
  10. I can't get over how gorgeous that bag is,

    Any chance of a modeling pic?

    That color just makes you want summer to arrive!!!!
  11. Gorgeous bag! I am totally sold on BE.
  12. I don't have anyone to take a modeling pic for me today (unless my 2 year old counts and she will probably only get my feet). haha. Anyway, the color is amazing... its almost like a seafoam-y, aqua-y, muted tiffany blue color. :smile:

    I like the gold, but not sure I can work it as well as you! haha. :smile:
  13. i love the colour! i totally agree with the colour suggestions you provided! a bit of this, a bit of that...i think it would even work as a winter bag. nice bright spot amongst all teh gloom...and it would look gorgeous against some snow
  14. Gorgeous! :drool:
  15. I'm delighted to see the PF girls coming on over to :angel:the the BE line!