gorgeous bags

  1. just wanna share with you guys. my husband just came back frm london and bought me a balenciaga giant city charcoal color with silver studs....it looks so goreous :yahoo: my sister has one also in ivory color with silver studs....:graucho: love the bag so much :heart:
    Photo 77.jpg Photo 78.jpg Photo 83.jpg
  2. Congrats, both colors look gorgeous with SGH! Congrats, your DH is so sweet to bring you back a gorgeous Bbag!
  3. Oooh they are gorgeous!! Congrats! xx
  4. Congrats! What a nice husband.
  5. What a great guy and a great bag! Congrats (on both)!
  6. Gorgeoussss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. you're so lucky! it's beautiful!
  8. Dude, I need a change of husband. ;) LOVE those bags! Congrats!
  9. What a brilliant man - one in a million!

    I know that there are some superb guys on this forum but they are buying for themselves just as we are.

    To get a bag for you as a gift is sooooo selfless.

    Did you prompt him or did he choose it by himself?
  10. Really gorgeous!Congrats!
  11. Great Husband, Great Bag!!!!!
  12. The black looks so soft and velvety!!!! Beautiful!!!
  13. Seriously, how did you get your husband to understand the importance of these bags? Mine thinks I'm nuts:nuts:. Of course he doesn't think anything of spending $100+ on a round of golf...
  14. AWWwww... That's so sweet of him :girlsigh: gorgeous bags!!!! lucky lucky :tup:
  15. Lucky girl, congrats!!!